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If we want to be truly happy self love is the thing we need to be chasingor surrendering to. It's the foundation of true happiness. Self love requires us to change the way we think about ourselves but it also asks us to open our hearts. That's not something we can do with our minds. So many of us a really smart, living up in our heads, but disconnected from the body.

In this workshop we'll address some of the ways you can begin to love yourself, and it will also teach you how to use your breath to open your heart. Self love is about our relationship to ourselves which requires us to become more conscious of our thinking patterns and also connect to the wisdom in our bodies.

In this two hour virtual workshop I'm going to teach you the steps to self love. I'll also pose questions that will help you see where you're being held back from loving yourself. You'll also be guided through a Breathwork meditation (the best kept secret for releasing pain and trauma). Once the session is complete there will be an opportunity for you to share your experience and ask questions. 

This workshop is for you if you're ready to step up and give yourself the life you deserve. Whoever you are, you deserve to know true happiness. You deserve to love yourself. This workshop is open to anyone with an internet connection. No experience necessary.


The Details

Sunday, February 5th
10am-12:00pm PST
1pm-3:00pm EST
6pm-8:00pm London
Exchange: $45

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Please note space is limited. 
All registrations are non-refundable.


Can't Make The Date?

Don't worry. If you can't make it live you'll receive access to the recording.


But, I think I'm happy

If you think you're happy you're probably not. If you're truly happy you know it. True happiness is not about feeling good all the time. Most of us have been born into a culture that has outlined subliminal steps to happiness. 

The culture we’re born into has prescribed our path for us, an unspoken guide to happiness. Very few of us are encouraged to do something different. Fear often guides us forward. We're afraid to do something that feels risky. We're afraid to follow our passion. We're afraid there will be nothing there when we look deep within. We're afraid we'll fail. So we keep on following that path. The cultural norms vary from place to place, and they are slowly changing, but in America the general guide to happiness is something like this:

1. Listen to your parents.
2. Be a good student.
3. Follow the rules (which is what it means to be a good student).
4. Ask the right questions, but don’t question too much.
5. Get a good job.
6. Make money.

7. Buy things to define your success and fill your voids.
8. Spend an enormous amount of money on a single day — your wedding.

9. Have some babies.
10. Teach those babies to start at #1 and work their way down this list. 

There is nothing wrong with doing some items on this life. But this, my friends, is not a guide to happiness. It’s a path that doesn’t require you to learn for yourself, to make your own rules, and most importantly, it’s a path devoid of the exploration of love and truth and soul.

The solution to these cultural problems begins with our relationship to ourselves. Changing the inside changes the outside. So let’s get to it.


The Logistics

Breathwork Self Love Workshop

This is a virtual workshop which means you get to hang out in your PJs and join in from your home. The video platform we use allows us to feel connected like you would an in person workshop. Once you register you'll be put on a list to receive a virtual kit that includes a curated playlist for our session, instructions on how to prepare your space, and registration link for tuning into the workshop. 


Wait...what is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a powerful, active meditation technique for self-healing. It's a two-part breath (different from anything you've done in yoga) that moves into the belly and then into the chest, both inhaling and exhaling through the mouth. Through continued movement of the breath stuck energy and emotional blocks are released.

This shows up for people in different ways. You'll probably feel tingly sensations in your body, you might cry (ok, you'll probably cry if you've just gone through a breakup), you might have visions, and you might feel a deep sense of love and gratitude. Each time you breathe the experience is a little different depending on where you're at in your life.


What People Are Saying


"Wow. This was so profound for me. I feel as though my heart received such a huge transmission prompted from your insights. I think heart work is something I thought I have been doing for years, but really it's my biggest area of neglect. Thank you so much for sharing this deep work. It feels so good to allow myself to accept and love myself as is."


"It was amazing and really hit my heart and spirit.  The whole thing felt like an "aha moment." 


This course really hit home. I had gotten to the point where I believed I would be happy only if I ticked certain things off every day and expecting myself to be amazing to keep up with some perception of others around me. Your words don't suggest you need to turn to friends or family or anyone else, you put the responsibility to self love on oneself. That resonated so profoundly, and I have taken a solid big step forward in my healing, so thank you!

— Nicole

"Thank you for this opportunity, it was great! I released a lot of what I was holding on to. I cried, I exhaled, l laughed, I screamed, I danced in the shower, it felt great. I feel so good and happy right now and feel like this really helped me to understand the process of letting go. Your playlist is awesome. I really enjoyed it and look forward to doing this work more!"

— Gabrielle

"I did the workshop this morning, and today I have been the happiest I have been in years. During the breathwork I cried, I realized that I’ve been rejecting love for years but towards the end I felt pure love from people I love most without feeling as if it was not meant for me. Afterwards we went to the beach and I felt joy with no undertone of depression or deep sadness. It was incredible!"

— Jess

"Breathwork has really helped me bring clarity and understanding into several area of my life. One of the best gifts I've given myself in years. It brings me through a range of emotions, finally wrestling the mind down so the real work can begin. Breathwork is a priceless tool that helps me access all of the answers within myself. I felt loved and supported while embracing the truth with every breath. It's an incredible feeling that change and peace are possible."

— Cynthia



About Michelle

Learn how to Breathe  |  Michelle D'Avella  |  Breathwork Teacher

I give people lifelong tools to free themselves of limitations and create lives with more peace and purpose. I'm a Breathwork Teacher, Desire Map Facilitator, and the founder of Pushing Beauty. Breathwork is my power tool; it's a healing practice that transformed my life, and I've been blessed to share this work with people all over the world and witness the beautiful transformations Breathwork facilitates. 

To ask me any questions about this workshop email me below.


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