A Guide to Meditating for Beginners

A Guide to Meditating for Beginners


5 Minute Guided Audio
10 Minute Guided Audio
15 Minute Guided Audio
20 Minute Guided Audio
Meditation Schedule 

After being asked many times how I began meditating, I decided to create a kit to help you learn to meditate the way I taught myself. This is meant to be a month long process taking you from little to no meditation to meditating for 20 minutes a day. 

The kit comes with four audios. Week one you'll meditate for 5 minutes a day, week two for 10 minutes a day, week three 15 minutes a day, and by week four you'll be sitting for 20 minutes a day with ease. 

Also included is an ebook giving you insight into how to sit, prepare your space, set an intention, and how to deal with pain. You'll also be provided with a four week calendar for you to track your progress to stay committed and motivated. 

*Please note: Due to the digital nature of this kit, all sales are final.

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