Breathwork For The Brokenhearted & The Heartbreak Diaries

Breathwork For The Brokenhearted & The Heartbreak Diaries

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Breathwork for the Brokenhearted
In this one hour virtual class you'll hear me speak about heartbreak healing, you'll get tips for moving forward on your healing journey, and you'll be guided through two writing prompts to help you process important lessons from your breakup. I will then guide you through a healing Breathwork meditation which is the best kept secret for releasing pain and trauma.

This workshop is for anyone who is ready to release the pain from heartbreak. Whether you just broke up, are still holding onto a lover from ten years ago, or you need to let go of pain and anger from a relationship with a friend or family member, this virtual class will guide you into the healing process. 

The Heartbreak Diaries
A 14 day email series (also supplied as an audio version) including excerpts from my dark moments, the things I learned to get me through it in a healthy way, and Pep Talks to remind you of who you are and the strength you have to get through this.

1 Hour Breathwork for the Brokenhearted Video Class
14 Day Email Support Series: The Heartbreak Diaries
The Heartbreak Diaries Audio Version
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