NYC: Breathwork for the Brokenhearted

NYC: Breathwork for the Brokenhearted


This is an in-person workshop at ShaktiBarre in Brooklyn, NY.

July 1st, 2pm-4pm

A safe space for you to begin healing your wounded heart.

The breath is a powerful tool for releasing pain and trauma around heartbreak. Being in community with others who mourning a loss helps us find connection and support in a time we might be feeling helpless and hopeless. Michelle D’Avella will guide you through a healing Breathwork meditation and will facilitate a safe space for communicating fears and pain. 

This workshop is for anyone who is ready to release the pain from heartbreak. Whether you just broke up, are still holding onto a lover from ten years ago, or you need to let go of pain and anger from a relationship with a friend or family member, this workshop will guide you into the healing process. 

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