H E L D is a day retreat in Atwater Village hosted by Michelle D’Avella of Pushing Beauty and Taylor Montague of Akashic Light. It is a space to be witnessed in community, to honor where we each are on our journeys, to deepen our connection to our personal wisdom, and to connect to our support team on the other side.

This event features three powerful healing tools:

  1. Being H E L D in community

  2. Guided Breathwork Healing

  3. Channelled messages from your Akashic Records

We’ll open the circle with a candle ceremony, channelled Akashic message for the group, grounding meditation, and introspection through journaling prompts. You’ll be guided through a healing Breathwork session to open your heart and connect to your wisdom.

After a refreshments break, we’ll come back together in circle to witness a channelled Akashic Records message for each person. You’ll have an opportunity to ask a question to your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones and receive guidance to promote alignment with your soul’s purposes.

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