Working Through Depression

Working Through Depression


This is an in-person workshop at a private residence in Los Angeles. Address will be provided to attendees the day before the workshop.

I didn’t know why I was cutting my body when I was 13. Or why I felt so terrible when, throughout high school, my bubbly best friend who was living with Cystic Fibrosis would tell me to smile more. Or why knowing that my family’s history of mental illness, depression, and anxiety didn’t give me any peace.

I didn’t know why it felt so hard for me to just be me.

It wasn’t until I was 32, when I fell into the deepest depression of my life, that I was able to understand that depression had been trying to communicate with me all along.

There is a lot of judgement and stigma around depression and many people suffer alone. In this in-person workshop, I will be sharing what I have learned through healing a lifetime of depression. We’ll use Breathwork to help clear heaviness from the body and connect you to your soul.

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