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Breathwork Teacher & Desire Map Facilitator


Breath + Creativity for Healing

Show + Tell is a monthly workshop for creatives who are ready to be seen and heard. Now more than ever we are feeling called to speak our truth and share our voices. For sensitive people it can feel really difficult to share our souls with the world. This group is a safe space to work with being witnessed in your creative expression. This workshop is for you if you're ready to move through insecurities, risk using your voice, and release what's keeping you small.


Hi, I'm Michelle.

Writing is something that has always come naturally to me, I'd say even more natural than speaking. For as long as I can remember, I have been using writing to process my feelings and express my soul. I wasn't taught to do this. It's an innate knowing deep within many of us. We write to heal.

In 2016 I endured a devastating breakup followed by a deep depression. I did a lot of Breathwork, and I wrote a book about my journey and writing that book was a huge part of my healing. Reading parts of the book and other expressions of my soul transformed in a way that only being witnessed with love can. 

Putting your deepest feelings into writing and sharing them with other people is one of the most terrifying things I have ever done, and there are times it continues to be. On the other side of that sharing is a release, a liberation, and a soul satisfaction that is indescribable. I hope you choose to join us and experience it for yourself.


How It Works


We use a free video platform allowing for a more intimate and connected online experience. Each person will introduce themselves, we'll do a brief grounding meditation and intention setting, and then I'll guide you through a 40 minute Breathwork session. Post session each person will have an opportunity to read or perform something they've written (3-4 minute long). The video will highlight each person sharing, allowing you to be seen and heard in community. Think The Moth meets Healing in a virtual setting.



Facebook Support Group

In addition to the monthly workshops, there will be a private Facebook group available only to those enrolled in the Show + TellMembership. The Facebook group will act as a place of continued connection, inspiration, sharing, and accountability. For those who live in time zones which make it difficult (or impossible) to attend live, this is a great way to connect and share. For those who can't attend live you can work with the sharing element by recording yourself reading your piece and sharing it with the group.



Who It's For

This group can serve you in a number of ways:

  • Sharing anything we have created makes us feel vulnerable. In that vulnerability we find growth and healing.
  • If you have a book, script, or larger project you're working on, use this group as a place to share your writing and be held accountable.
  • Let the group inspire you. Hearing other people share their writing and be vulnerable inspires us to show up for ourselves in the same way. Even if you don't always have something to share, listening and witnessing others can motivate you to begin creating.
  • Using your voice to express yourself in front of other people over time will change you. I know from experience. You will probably feel nervous, cry, and then feel lit to keep creating. There is no safer space to share your heart and soul than with other sensitive creatives.
  • Breathwork & creativity are powerful ways to expedite your healing, get to know yourself, and serve others through your expression (yes, what you have to share means something to others!).
  • Stifling our creativity keeps us small and blocked. Working with your breath, voice, and creativity each month will help you open and transform.


No problem! All sessions will be recorded and available to watch from the Facebook group.


March 25
April 22
May 20
June 24

Sundays at 6pm PST

From the comfort of your home

Space is limited.



What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a powerful, active meditation technique for self-healing. Through continued movement of the breath stuck energy and emotional blocks are released. Breathwork is the fastest way to get out of your head and connect to your intuition. For many people it facilitates an emotional purging, leaving you feeling lighter and clearer.

With continued practice, Breathwork can change your life. I say this because it has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I've seen it change the lives of those I work with. Some of the things that can shift through working with the breath:

  • Learn what it really means to love yourself (energetic heart opening)
  • Relationship to yourself, people around you, and life becoming healthier
  • Emotions open and release (reducing depression caused by layered emotions)
  • Nervous system relax (diminishing anxiety)
  • Clarity of purpose and life "problems"
  • Feel better in your body (self-acceptance/self-love/embodied) 
  • Greater access to creative inspiration 
  • Move from victimhood to empowerment 

Ready to Sign Up for Show & Tell?
Here's what to do:

Step 1:  Click the button $33/Month. The page will refresh and ask you to sign up for an account. 

Step 2: Create your account. 

Step 3: Make your membership payment.

Step 4: You will be immediately taken to the Show & Tell page which will give you access to all workshops and the private Facebook group.

Easy peasy. But if you still have questions, just shoot me a quick email!

Join Show & Tell


Show + Tell membership

  • Monthly sessions including guided Breathwork healing & an opportunity to share your writing with the group
  • Private Facebook group access, support, and inspiration
  • Access to all recorded sessions
  • Cancel anytime

What Members Are Saying

"Admittedly, I have spent the majority of my life trying to be liked and accepted. This exhausting task kept me from being myself, and more than anything, kept me from using my voice. Show + Tell is a warm, safe pocket in my month where I get to be me. Because of Michelle’s guidance and breathwork, I now recognize I have a lot to say. Show + Tell is where I get to say it, where I get to be seen, and even more powerfully, where I get to be a witness to everyone else’s expression." 

"I came into Show + Tell with a complicated relationship to writing. Whenever I shared my work, it was in search of critique to make it better. I called myself a writer, but I didn't enjoy writing anymore. Show + Tell has taught me the value of simply being witnessed, and that has led me back to the joy writing for its own sake."  


"Practicing Breathwork with Michelle showed me that using my voice would be a big part of my personal healing process, and Breathwork + creative expression through Show & Tell is such a natural, mind-blowing combination. Being a part of this group has taken my healing, growth, and creativity to the next level. It’s strengthened my writing, tooBreathwork stirs up *all* the emotions and this process helps me channel and express those emotions creatively. I’m so happy to have found such a supportive, inspiring environment to share my voice, my work, and my intentions, and connect with others who want to do the same!" 


"I was feeling scared and nervous about presenting my poem before the Show & Tell session I first took part in. I was also nervous about having feelings come up during breathwork because I didn't want to deal with them at the moment. But I pushed these doubts aside and came out feeling liberated. Although scary, sharing my work with others turned out to be such a powerful experience. I can't wait for next month's session!"







Q: I've never done Breathwork before. Is that OK?

A: Yup! No experience with any healing work is necessary.

Q: I don't consider myself a "real" writer. Is that ok?

A: Yes! I have felt that way in the past myself. These workshops serve as a safe space to be seen and heard. What you want to share is up to you. It can be a short poem captured in a dark moment, an article you've spent a lot of time on, or anything else that you feel needs to be expressed.

Q: Will there be a writing critique?

A: No. This is not a feedback group. It's a healing group. The intention is to hold you accountable for expressing yourself and hold space for you to heal. 

Q: What if I change my mind about the membership?

A: If you change your mind within 24 hours of joining, I'll offer you a full refund. If you decide to cancel after that, simply email me to let me know. This platform is meant to serve you for as long as you feel you need it.