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Breathwork Teacher & Desire Map Facilitator


private sessions virtually & in la


Breathwork Healing
& Mentoring

If you're here that probably means you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life. You might be dealing with depression or anxiety. Your heart might be broken. You just might have this sense that there is more you want for your life but it's just not happening. You might find yourself in the same patterns even with all of the therapy and various healing modalities you've already done.

I've been in all of these place and am here to help you release old beliefs and energy keeping you stuck, connect you to your purpose, and learn how to heal from your most painful experiences. Booking a healing session is the best way to get introduced to my work. Relentless Healers is my ongoing support program for those really ready to commit to healing and transforming their lives.


breathwork healing SESSION


In a Private Breathwork session, you'll learn how to process your emotions, get out of your head, and connect to your truth.
75 min 

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Relentless Healers is an ongoing support program for those who are committed to healing. You get two monthly 1:1 sessions, access to Dig Deeper, monthly teachings, and more.

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group workshops

Virtual & In-Person


I hold virtual and in-person (in Los Angeles) healing circles every month. Some past themes I've worked with have been: Healing Heartbreak, Finding True Happiness (Self Love), Manifesting Your Dreams, Healing & Intention Setting, New Moon, Grieving Hearts, Find Your Voice.

Head over here for details on upcoming events.


calendar of upcoming workshops


self-lead courses

Work At Your Own Pace


Dig Deeper Membership


A membership platform for those ready to dig deeper into their healing journey.
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getting started with breathwork

Getting Started with Breathwork

Getting Started with Breathwork is a kit to help you begin to start or continue a consistent Breathwork practice. I created Getting Started with Breathwork because I know how challenging it can be to commit to a Breathwork practice. This guide has a series of 3 guided audios (10, 20, and 25 minutes), an ebook about how Breathwork heals, an FAQ, and a series of printables for a 30-day Breathwork challenge.

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Breathwork for the Brokenhearted


Work with my self-lead course to process your breakup and begin healing.
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Overcoming fear of being seen & heard

Overcoming Fear of Being Seen & Heard in Your Business is a kit designed to help you release the fear of using your voice and being seen in whatever stage you are in your business. It includes an hour-long teaching about moving through these blocks, a Breathwork meditation on Overcoming Fear, and a workbook with 17 pages of writing prompts to get clear on your intention in your business and where you’re hiding.

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Guided Breathwork meditation

This is a guided audio for those interested in cultivating an at-home Breathwork practice.
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find your voice meditation

This is a guided Breathwork meditation for opening the throat and finding the strength and confidence to use your voice. 
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solo retreat

Desert detox


If you need healing, an emotional detox, or have a creative project to work on, Desert Detox Solo Retreat is available for you. This is an opportunity for you to be supported by me, virtually, while you stay on my property in the desert.

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