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My ultimate healing tool is Breathwork, a powerful, active meditation technique that releases stuck energy, emotional blocks, and limiting beliefs. My life changed after discovering Breathwork, and it's my favorite thing to share. 

If you struggle with anxiety, depression, overthinking, or want to learn to love and accept yourself this is the technique for you.


Most breakups are unconscious with one or both people acting from fear. It creates trauma and energy blockages in the heart. If you want to love again truly and deeply it's important to face the dark feelings to heal. I've created two paths to support you during this critical time: Breakup Survival Sessions and The Heartbreak Diaries

I’ve been through the deep grief of heartbreak and am here to support you in this delicate transition back to yourself.

LEarn to love & accept yourself exactly as you are

This course will teach you how to look in the mirror and see beauty instead of flaws. You'll learn how to feel good in your own skin without losing weight, changing your wardrobe, or putting makeup on. This course will take you directly to the root issue and show you how to love yourself just as you are.

This 31 day self-lead course gives you daily perspective shifts, weekly video challenges, and dives deep into the heart of true transformation. 

a guide to meditating (for beginners)

"This is the best investment I ever made. Meditating is so much more doable with this package. I am using it for myself and to teach my 12 year old daughter as well. We both enjoy it tremendously!" -Jacqui 

get your smudge on

Smudging is one of my favorite daily rituals to clear the energy in my home. These are one-of-a-kind, limited edition Smudge Kits available with sage or palo santo.

Kick out that bad juju.