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Breathwork Teacher & Desire Map Facilitator




Breathwork is an active meditation that helps shut the mind off long enough to access stuck energy and emotions in the body. As we begin to release the mind, unprocessed emotional pain is able to surface. Breathwork gives us an opportunity to release the painful emotions and experiences that keep us stuck in our lives.

Breathwork can release unresolved emotional pain, recharge your creative battery, detox your nervous system, and nourish your soul.

We have developed a number of ways to hide from our emotions and many people are recognizing that what they've been doing isn't working, and it's time to try something else. Breathwork is the fastest way I know to shut off the mind, connect to the soul, and transform lives.


Who is Breathwork for?

Breathwork is a powerful tool for pretty much anyone. Most of us live in cultures that put the mind on a pedestal. We intellectually process and re-process our problems. We understand them, but things still don't change because we haven't addressed the emotions and energy that are still lodged in the body.

Stagnant energy manifests as limiting beliefs (I can't do it, I'm afraid, I'm not worthy, no one will love me, etc.), chronic physical discomfort, emotional instability, relationship problems, and more. If you're looking for a new way to expedite the healing process, Breathwork is it.


Getting Started with Breathwork

Getting Started with Breathwork

Getting Started with Breathwork is a kit to help you begin to start or continue a consistent Breathwork practice. I created Getting Started with Breathwork because I know how challenging it can be to commit to a Breathwork practice. This guide has a series of 3 guided audios (10, 20, and 25 minutes), an ebook about how Breathwork heals, an FAQ, and a series of printables for a 30-day Breathwork challenge.

Learn more here.


Guided Breathwork Meditations

If you've already used Getting Started with Breathwork and are looking for a longer Breathwork meditation or specific theme, you can use one of the guides below.



Use this guided meditation to begin your own healing practice with Breathwork.

Learn more here.


find your voice breathwork MEDITATION


Find the strength, confidence, and wisdom to use your voice and speak your truth.

Learn more here.


Work with a Certified Breathwork Facilitator

If you feel like you need additional support or are interested in going deeper into your healing, you can book a private session with me.


Breathwork Teacher

I do in-person healing session in LA as well as virtual sessions from the comfort of your home.

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join a workshop

You can also join a group workshop in person or join my online Breathwork membership platform, Dig Deeper, when it's open for enrollment.


Join one of my upcoming virtual workshops or check out where I'm teaching in Los Angeles.

Find out where you can join a circle.


Dig Deeper:
A Self-Study Healing Hub

breathwork practice

I created this membership site because it's something that would have served me when I committed to healing with Breathwork. Dig Deeper is a self-study platform that gives you access to all of my workshops, teachings, and guides.

If you're ready to manage your emotions, release your pain, face the fears that are keeping you small, and open your heart I'd love to invite you to Dig Deeper.

Learn more here.


10 Ways My Life Has Changed From Breathwork



Here are some things that have changed since I committed to healing with Breathwork almost 5 years ago:

1. I stopped hiding from the world—and myself.
Hide-and-go-seek is only fun if someone actually finds you. When I was a teen I decided to disappear from everyone—myself included. When I began my Breathwork practice in my late twenties, I no longer had the option of hiding from the truth.

If you’re willing to let go enough, Breathwork will help your mind quiet down and give you access to your body. In my body I found a whole lotta pain from all the times I had betrayed and abandoned myself. I also found the wisdom of my soul, and it was from this place I knew it was safe to stop hiding.

2. I learned to love myself.
Breathwork is moving up the popularity line in the wellness world these days, but back when I began practicing it was tough to find an article online let alone a practitioner.

No one ever told me I could learn to love myself through Breathwork—but I did.

The term self-love was never uttered from the first healer I worked with, but I learned the great lesson naturally through the work. Breathwork connected me to the truth that I was lovable just as I was. It helped me see that nothing about me needed to change in order for me to love myself.

3. My skin cleared up.
If you suffer with acne, I have felt your pain. I have a memory (OK, maybe several) of looking in the mirror as a young girl and begging God to clear up my skin. I tried pretty much everything from Proactive to going vegan. Nothing ever worked long term.

Looking back, I can see that my breakouts were the worst in my early to mid-twenties when I was most anxious, lost, and insecure in my life. The first Breathwork teacher I worked with waived his hand at me like a confidant wizard when I told him that I had chronic skin issues.

“That’ll be taken care of,” he said.

It was. I didn’t practice Breathwork to clear my skin up, but only a few weeks in I noticed I wasn’t breaking out much anymore. Fast forward four years, and my breakouts are 95% diminished. Craters be gone. 

(Note: I once told an acupuncturist this bit of information, and she told me that in Chinese Medicine the lungs and skin are linked, surprise, suprise.) 

Read more here.


Why I Practice Breathwork


One day someone told me I needed to breathe to heal. I didn't believe it could change me in the way they claimed it would. Even with all the resistance, I showed up to Breathe, and I was cracked wide open.

In all my years of self-development and spiritual work, no amount of sitting meditation, self-analyzation, or yoga connected me to my truth in the way that Breathwork did. It healed my wounds, showed me a new relationship to life, taught me what self-love is, connected me to my body, and so much more.

Breathwork has literally changed every aspect of my life, and I'm here to support you as it changes yours. 


love for breathwork