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Nothing That Stays Hidden Ever Heals


Hi, I'm Michelle.👋

I created Pushing Beauty as an expression of my soul, and it evolved into a place that I hope will inspire you to heal. Healing is an opportunity to become fully human. It's your chance to embrace all of who you are right now. No feelings are wrong, no pain is too deep.

Pushing Beauty is a place for you to learn about yourself, and I have a number of ways to help you do that. 

Ultimately, this is a place for you to find the tools to journey inward to becoming fully human, a nicer way of saying:

You're here to learn that it's OK to feel shitty and that you have the power to heal your life.



the bright side
of a broken heart


A book for anyone who has loved & lost, fallen into the dark hole of depression, grieved deeply, or is ready to heal.


Pushing Beauty


Hey there!
I'm Michelle, and I'm here to help you learn how to heal yourself.

You're not broken.
You're not too much.
You are enough.
You're lovable.
You deserve the life your soul is asking of you.

My job is to support you in uncovering these truths for yourself. I'm here to empower you to release your pain and access the wisdom within you.


Love for Michelle

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Dig Deeper is a self-study platform that gives you access to all of my workshops, teachings, and guides.

If you're ready to manage your emotions, release your pain, face the fears that are keeping you small, and open your heart I'd love to invite you to Dig Deeper.


Show + Tell is a live monthly workshop for creatives who are ready to be seen and heard. Now more than ever we need to speak our truth and share our voices. For sensitive people it can feel really difficult to share our souls with the world. This group is a safe space to work with being witnessed in your creative expression. This workshop is for you if you're ready to move through insecurities, risk using your voice, and release what's keeping you small.


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