Private Breathwork Healing

What To Expect in a Private Session

A typical one-on-one breathwork session begins with a short conversation about where you're at on your path, where you're feeling stuck, what you want to get clear on, or what you want to let go of. The Breathwork is about 35-40 minutes. I'll teach you the technique, apply essential oils (if we're in person), and cleanse the space while you're breathing. I'm there to guide you through the process and support you throughout your healing. You'll breathe to a curated music playlist (I've been told I make a killer playlist) to deepen the experience and help you focus on your breath. 

Each session is different and unique to you and your journey. Breathwork will help you open, connect to your heart, and release what's not serving you.

If You're In Los Angeles

I see clients in my studio in Silverlake on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Once you book your session you'll receive access to my calendar to schedule to your session. 

If You're Anywhere Else In The World

I work with clients who live in Australia, New York City, North Carolina, Pakistan, London, Brussels, Vancouver, and more. You do not need to be in person with me to receive the incredible benefits of this work. All you need is a solid internet connection, and we're good to go.

Once you book your session you will receive an email from me to choose a day and time for your session.


Healing + Mentoring

For those looking for additional support and guidance, I have created a 90 minute session combining Intuitive Mentoring and Breathwork Healing. 


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