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private breathwork


What To Expect In A
Private Session

A typical one-on-one breathwork session begins with a conversation about where you're feeling stuck, what you want to get clear on, or what you want to let go of. From there, I'll teach you a simple breathing pattern which you'll practice while I guide you on your healing journey. I use my intuition and 5+ experiences with Breathwork to help you connect to the unprocessed emotions keeping you stuck in the same old patterns.

Each session is different and unique to you and your journey. Breathwork will help you open, connect you to your heart, and give you access to your soul.

All sessions are done virtually. If you're looking to work with me in person in Los Angeles please contact me directly for limited availability.


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Sliding Scale Option

I have offered sliding scale* options in the past and am happy to be offering them again! This is a trust based system. Check in with your finances and your intuition and choose a payment that honors where you currently are.

Please remember that not wanting to pay full price for healing work and not being financially capable of it are two different things. 

Choose Your Appointment

Each month I update my availability for 1:1 virtual sliding scale sessions. Please choose your session for this month. Once you select your session, come back to this page and make your payment below. Payment for all scheduled sessions are due within 12 hours of appointment booking otherwise I will cancel your session so it's available for others.


I am receiving far too many scheduled sessions without payment. These are not free sessions, they are generously discounted, and I expect those utilizing them to read this page thoroughly. If you schedule a session and it is not paid for within one hour it will be canceled.

Make Your Payment

I have provided a suggested payment range based off of income below. I understand that there are factors to consider aside from income. Make the best choice you can. 

Please note: The lowest range on the sliding scale is $85. If you make a payment of less than $85 I will refund you and cancel your appointment.

Net Income
Under $39,000

Suggested Payment

If you can afford a full price session at $175, I suggest booking through the link at the top of this page for more availability and to leave these sessions open for those who need it.

make your payment

*I understand that a $85 session is still inaccessible for some people. If this is the case for you, please know that I am aware. I do my best to offer a range of offerings and price points including free articles, $14-$22 guided meditations, and $25-$45 group workshops.  


Love for Michelle

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